Steam cleaner for Electronics and cicuits

Gently Cleans All Types Of Electronics

Dry Vapor Cleaning with Purgospray™ technology is your solution to cleaning dust and dirt removal problems present in Electronics and can be solved in a rapid and economical way. When servicing electronic circuit boards and sensitive equipment, Dry Vapor is excellent for removing dust and dirt. The use of toxic cleaning agents solvents can result in serious problems, especially in the disposal of waste and an increased level of toxicity in the work environment.

Areas of use include:

  • cleaning of electric circuit boards
  • cleaning of electronic panels
  • removal of greasy residues
  • sanitizing of filters and ventilation grilles
  • cleaning of mechanical parts, filters, and grilles
  • cleaning of floors
  • cleaning of heat exchangers and air-conditioners
  • cleaning transmission systems and oil sumps
  • removal of grease and encrustation.

Find out how DVC™ Dry Vapor Cleaning system can make a big difference in keeping your equipment safe and clean.

Companies That Trust Our System

The DVC is used to clean printed circuit boards, power supplies, rack wiring, harnesses, cables, modules, chassis hardware, test sets transponder, and interrogator sets etc. It has proved to be environmentally safe and a time saver.

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