Steam cleaner for Food industry

Cleans, Sanitizes & Kills All Microorganisms

Dry Vapor Cleaning with Purgospray™ technology is your solution to cleaning and sanitizing in Food processing and Pharmaceutical production.  Sanitation is a key element in protecting the public from germs, pathogens and harmful bacteria that can lead to serious illness. The food industry uses strong cleaning and sanitizing lines and programs to eliminate each kind of bacteria and virus. Traditional sanitizing is a two-stage process: first, the initial cleaning with water and detergents; second, disinfecting with the aid of harsh chemicals such as chlorine, iodine, quaternary ammonium salts, acid, and formaldehyde-based substances. Adopting an effective cleaning and sanitizing program is crucial to eliminating pathogens from surfaces and equipment. The extreme heat of Dry Vapor Cleaning kills microorganisms and sanitizes while eliminating the need for chemicals; All this while reducing downtime required to perform maintenance and sanitation.  This proven scientific process is the single most effective and environmentally-friendly method of sanitizing virtually any surface. Dry vapor cleaning systems clean, sanitize and deodorize at the same time while leaving no chemical residue behind.

Areas of use include:

  • cleaning and degreasing of workbenches, walls, and ceilings
  • cleaning and defrosting refrigeration fins and coils
  • chemical free killing of listeria in drains and pipes
  • cleaning and maintenance of ventilation ducts
  • removing food residues
  • cleaning of batching systems
  • cleaning and sanitizing of blending tanks
  • removing grease from control panels and electrical boards
  • sanitizing filters and grilles
  • thorough cleaning of conveyors, chains, belts, rollers, and packings
  • sanitizing of refrigeration systems without removing food

Find out how DVC™ Dry Vapor Cleaning system can make a big difference in keeping your facilities clean and safe.

Companies That Trust Our System

I just want to say that DVC is a fabulous system which has been remarkable in the time and money that it has saved us!  In an industry where we need to be green and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, we are grateful to have a DVC

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