Neerugo Dry Vapor Cleaner


Anti-Corrosion Solution

NeeRugo™ is a proprietary solution which provides anti-corrosion properties to the items which are being cleaned and helps your DVC run cleaner.

NeeRugo™ was created to assist in removing rust from the sides of military ships prior to repainting.  It is useful in a host of applications when rust prevention and anti-corrosion are required.

Two ounces of NeeRugo™ concentrate is all that is needed to be added to one gallon of distilled or DI water to create a corrosion resistant solution to protect all of your cleaned items

NeeRugo™ is packaged in:

2-ounce bottles (sold in 10 packs);

1 Liter container

1-gallon container (sold individually or in 4-gallon packages); and

15-gallon drum

Neerugo Dry Vapor Cleaner


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