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DVC-173 Hospital-Grade


The DVC-173 is recommended for SPD/Central Processing Departments and larger Hospitals and Medical Centers.  It is perfect for sanitizing surgical instruments maternity & crash carts, bag stands, wheelchairs, gurneys, and beds.

Width: 16 inches (41 centimeters)
Depth: 14 inches (36 centimeters)
Height: 9 inches (23 centimeters)
Weight: 32 pounds (15 kilograms)
Power: 120V 60 Hz 20A 2400W
240V 60 Hz 25A 3000W
Max pressure: 300PSI (21 Bar)
Output: Provides 300PSI Dry Vapor Steam for 10-12 minutes (ready again after 4 minutes of reheating)
Max temperature:  300ºF (149ºC)
Water consumption: 3 liters per hour
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Accessories: Wand (1M / 1M Power / 2.5M Power), nozzle tips


This DVC-173 Dry Vapor Cleaner System is recommended for SPD/Central Processing Departments, Central Services, Larger Hospitals, and Medical Centers. Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a major problem in hospitals worldwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that, in the United States, approximately 99,000 deaths each year are related to healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), based on data obtained from multiple healthcare databases. Our DVC Systems are critical for the prevention of HAIs.

This System was specifically designed as a powerful Hospital cleaning system to provide the means to remove anything from a surface: microorganisms, blood, tissue, contaminants, grease, grit, grime, chemicals, and toxins leaving the surface clean, dry, sanitized, and free from chemical residue. It is superior for sanitizing surgical instruments, maternity & crash carts, bag stands, wheelchairs, gurneys, beds, autoclaves, cassettes, and statims.

The noticeable quality of the DVC-173 is its full Medical-grade stainless steel construction.  The case and all of the interior components are stainless steel.  The DVC-173 provides 300ºF, 300 PSI Dry Vapor Steam for approximately 10-12 minutes. It then requires a short 4-minute recharge. It is hand-actuated which allows more control in and around the items being cleaned.

Dry Vapor Cleaning with Purgospray™ technology is your solution to cleaning and sanitizing in Hospital and Medical facilities. Sanitation is a key element in protecting the public from germs, pathogens, and harmful bacteria that can lead to serious illness. The Medical industry traditionally uses strong cleaning and sanitizing lines and programs to eliminate each kind of bacteria and virus. Traditional sanitizing is a two-stage process: first, the initial cleaning with water and detergents; second, disinfecting with the aid of harsh chemicals such as chlorine, iodine, quaternary ammonium salts, acid, and formaldehyde-based substances.  Adopting an effective cleaning and sanitizing program is crucial to eliminating pathogens from surfaces and equipment. The extreme heat of the DVC-173 Dry Vapor Cleaner System kills microorganisms and sanitizes while eliminating the need for chemicals.  It reduces the downtime required to perform maintenance and sanitation. This proven scientific process is the single most effective and environmentally friendly method of sanitizing virtually any surface. Dry Vapor Cleaner Systems clean and sanitize leaving no chemical residue behind.

Unquestionably, the DVC-173 will help you clean more effectively but, will also save you time, money, and eliminate chemicals, solvents, toxins, and wastewater from your cleaning process.

our technology

This improved technology delivers Chemical-free cleaning through PurgoSpray™ Technology. PurgoSpray™ Technology is high-temperature, high-pressure Dry Vapor delivered in a unique way. Our systems use only Distilled or Deionized water in order to provide chemical-free cleaning for your toughest cleaning jobs. Since it is chemical-free, we eliminate the need for any chemicals, toxins, and solvents. Our systems also save water. Because Dry Vapor is only 4% water vapor there is no residual wastewater to dispose of.

Areas of use include:

Unquestionably, the DVC-173 will help you clean and disinfect more effectively! The DVC-173 is used in the following applications:

  • Clean and Sanitize Medical and Surgical instruments by removing microbes, virus, and any other pathogens, blood, tissue, and any other contaminants
  • Prevent Healthcare-associated Infection (HAI)
  • Clean and Sanitize surfaces and equipment
  • Clean and Sanitize autoclaves & statims
  • Clean and Sanitize cassettes
  • Eliminate pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli
  • Clean and Sanitize maternity and crash carts
  • Clean and Sanitize bag stands and wheelchairs
  • Clean and Sanitize gurneys and beds
  • Remove allergens
  • Eliminate odors
  • Destroy mold spores and harmful bacteria
  • Kill all stages of bed bugs, dust mites, and their eggs
  • Clean and Sanitize floors
  • Chemical-free killing of Listeria in drains and pipes
  • Clean and sanitize operating rooms
  • Clean and sanitize kitchens, canteens, and food processing areas
  • Remove molds and fungi
  • Remove grease
  • Clean and maintain ventilation ducts
  • Clean refrigeration fins and coils
  • The Marines are impressed! Cleaning out weapons has never been easier. What used to take weeks, now takes only a few days; and NeeRugo™ rust inhibitor helps prevent our weapons from rusting.

    Pax River

    U.S. Marine Corps

    DVC is on the cutting edge of chemical-free cleaning. Our DVC system has allowed us to realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings annually.

    José R.

    Solar Turbines

    I am always amazed at the incredible job our DVC system does removing dirt and degreasing.

    Alonso M.


    We clean small and large shock absorbers from 1 to 4 ft. long, cleaning ports inside and out as well as the grooves. We remove oil, grease, corrosion. We have broken away from hazardous solvents completely.

    Malmstrom AFB

    U.S. Air Force

    The DVC is used to clean printed circuit boards, power supplies, rack wiring, harnesses, cables, modules, chassis hardware, test sets transponder, and interrogator sets, etc. It has proved to be environmentally safe and a time saver.

    Tobyhanna Depot

    U.S. Army

    I just want to say that DVC is a fabulous system that has been remarkable in the time and money that it has saved us!  In an industry where we need to be green and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, we are grateful to have a DVC!

    Jesús P.


    Our DVC is the hardest working employee we have! It cleans everything!

    Marisela D.

    City Express

    DVC provides us with a viable alternative to replace solvent cleaning and degreasing of weapons, automotive parts, electronics, printed circuit boards, ground support equip and other gear. We realized an annual savings of $383,146 with less than a $20,000 investment.

    U.S. Navy

    5 minutes into the demonstration of the DVC and I saw what it could do to clean my engine room and diamond plate; I had to have one!

    Walt C.

    Merlin Marine

    Thank you for the DVC cleaner which we have used since 2015. During this time we have been able to see the benefits of the DVC when decontaminating difficult to clean surgical instruments as well as cleaning an autoclave. We find the DVC to be easy to use and it makes short work of items such as flexible reamers, laparoscopic instruments, and of course, our autoclave.

    Timothy P.

    John Muir Medical Center

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