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If you are experiencing any type of problem with your minimax dry vapor cleaner we highly recommend bringing it in to be repaired by an expert. Do not wait too long, have it repaired immediately to avoid any other damages. Warranties of up to three years are available, but if your warranty has expired, the repair cost is very reasonable .. If it cannot be fixed we can replace your dry vapor cleaner. Our professionals are some of the best, and have much experience with these products. We recommend keeping up your maintenance to avoid having to send your machine in for repairs.

With the proper maintenance, your dry vapor cleaner can last for many years. Our maintenance program is designed to minimize in service breakdowns and repair costs. When a unit is repaired, all related components are also examined and repaired or replaced as necessary. This ensures that failures and in-service breakdowns are minimized.

If you wish to send in your minimax cleaner, contact Dry Vapor Cleaners to discuss the repair and to receive more information. Repairs can be shipped or brought in. Many repairs are fairly simple, however, we encourage you to contact one of our customer service technicians with a description of your problem.

Getting your equipment back to you as quickly as possible is our priority. We place strong importance on moving repairs through our system as quickly as possible. We strive to provide you with a repair estimate in one business day from receipt of the product and to complete the repair within two business day from your approval.