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The DVC-171 and DVC-172 Dry Vapor Cleaner systems kill Coronavirus (COVID-19) and all other viruses and bacteria.  We are in hospitals all over the United States and the world.

Our product, the DVC, is an FDA Class II Medical Cleaning Device, as well as a USEPA SNAP Program listed replacement for multiple ozone-depleting solvents and substances (2006.)  It is the only cleaning system to win the South Coast AQMD Award for Clean Air Technology (1995.)  We have also, to date, received ten D.O.D. awards for technical excellence.  The military is our biggest user (since 1981.)

The DVC cleans with steam vapor, at a temperature of 300 degrees (F) and a pressure of up to 300 psi.  In the hospital environment, it is used in Central Services to clean medical instruments (unsurpassed for cleaning lumens, grooves, ridges, and articulating surfaces), autoclaves, carts, trays, wheels, I.V. pumps, dialysis machines, and implants, to name a few.  In Maintenance, it is used to degrease and clean both equipment and machinery, in both scheduled inspection and repair situations.  We are replacing parts washing stations, eliminating the cost of purchasing and disposing of the cleaning agent, and permits associated with such systems and associated VOCs.  The DVC is also used in food services to clean and degrease hoods, vents, refrigeration, air handling, and fire suppression systems, ovens, deep fryers (it can remove the built-up carbonized cooking oils), tile and grout.

The DVC is safe to use.  Unlike other steam generators, there is no boiler.  Nothing is stored under pressure.  The vapor is produced by injecting a metered amount of filtered water into a preheated chamber (over 500 degrees F), where it flashes to steam, and forces itself out through a hose and out a hand-held nozzle, exiting at the above-referenced specs.  The vapor then dissipates, leaving very little moisture.  Enhanced cleaning in most cases is accomplished without a wastewater stream, thus allowing contaminates of most items to be processed more efficiently, while labor time and VOCs are reduced.

A few users include Kaiser Hospitals in Baldwin Park, Anaheim, and Harbor City, Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, St. John’s Medical Center in both Oxnard and Pleasant Valley, Anne Arundel in Annapolis, the Surgery Center in Ventura, and West Hills Medical Center in Woodland Hills.

DVC-171 Sanitizer
DVC-172 Sanitizer


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