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Foresite, Inc.


Foresite is a consultant and analytical test laboratory dedicated to solving product reliability issues created when electronics manufacturing process residues and other surface contaminants degrade field performance. We provide technical expertise when our clients have questions and concerns about residues or cleanliness. This valuable service is provided in various ways such as: in-depth investigations of contamination on bare boards, components or assemblies; assessments of the risk factors for existing hardware in the field; consultation on how to transition to a new manufacturing process or optimize an existing operation. Our ultimate goal is to educate our  client, or their customers and suppliers, on the effects of residues on  product reliability.

Terry Munson is the founder and president of Foresite, Inc. Terry has extensive experience with how cleanliness issues are  affecting product reliability for electronic hardware. He is the primary developer of ion chromatography analysis for use in the electronics manufacturing industry and is an active member in the IPC. Mr. Munson’s insights have  been seen  in various industry trade publications, some of which are available in the Resources section of the website foresiteinc.com – he is a frequent presenter at electronics industry conferences.

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Terry Munson
President and Founder

Sam Houston State University


Named for Sam Houston, Texas’ greatest hero, Sam Houston State University continually strives to honor its historical roots through academic excellence that includes exceptional teaching from faculty. For more than 139 years, SHSU has been preparing students for meaningful lives of achievement. Its motto, “The measure of a Life is Its Service,” resonates among its 21,500+ students and echoes across eight colleges and beyond its Huntsville roots.

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My name is Darren Williams, and I am a Physical Chemistry Professor at Sam Houston State University. If you are a student at SHSU, be sure to connect with me on any of these platforms:

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Darren L. Williams
Physical Chemistry Professor

BFK Solutions LLC


As a manufacturer, you need value-added critical cleaning to get the right surface. BFK Solutions, the industry leading experts and educators in critical cleaning, evaluates your product, your facility, your requirements.

We show you practical, achievable pathways to in-house or outsourced cleaning options, including aqueous, solvent, “non-chemical” processes. We are not in the business of selling cleaning agents or cleaning equipment and do not accept commissions from suppliers. This is great for your business because we get beyond the ‘sales-hype’ and do not restrict your choices to a few products.

In 1994, I founded BFK Solutions; and, to this day, it has been fun and challenging to be “The Cleaning Lady.” From aerospace, to medical, to metal stamping, to nanotechnology, manufacturers face more and more cleaning challenges; the problems of the 1990’s were only the beginning. Because cleaning involves lots of variables and interaction with surfaces, my “interdepartmental” background turns out to be useful – and  I’m not afraid to tackle thorny projects.

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Barbara Kanegsberg
President and Founder

3555 Rosecrans Street, Suite 114-200, San Diego, CA 92110, USA
Phone: 619-480-3876