The Best WEAPONS-CLEANING from hand guns to tanks

The Best WEAPONS-CLEANING from hand guns to tanks


Over time, firearms can be damaged by buildup, corrosion, rust, and regular friction from moving parts.  Frequent cleaning can help maintain all the moving parts inside your firearm, stop it from jamming, and keep it functioning effectively for years.

There are many reasons to keep your weapon well-maintained, from learning more about the mechanics to protecting your life. Cleaning your gun will help you:

  1. Understand your weapon: When taking your gun apart for cleaning, you get a better understanding of how it works. After all, it is a machine, and every part inside plays an important role in its functioning. Plus, learning about its internal elements provides a new level of respect for it.
  2. Ensure reliability and safety: If you rely on your firearm for home security, it’s essential that you give it routine attention to make sure it will do its job well when you need it most. Each time you shoot, residual fouling sticks in the barrel. If left to collect too long, it can cause the gun to gum up, jamb, and potentially end in a firing failure or requiring repairs.
  3. Increase longevity: Handguns, for example, can last from several years to several generations, depending on how you care for them. To get the most time out of your handgun, you must clean it, lubricate it, and store it properly.
  4. Learn proper lubrication: If you continually oil your weapon but rarely clean it, you could end up letting the action get gummed up. Cleaning allows you to remove the dirty lubricant and replace it. By taking the gun apart, you can see the natural wear marks and have a better idea of where to apply lubricant.
  5. Avoid major issues: Good cleaning habits can impact everything from bullet trajectory to your gun’s operation as a whole. Rather than wait for a failure or for a small problem to worsen, you can keep your gun healthy and functioning with simple regular cleaning.


Through its improved technology, DVC Dry Vapor Cleaner, Inc. has created a chemical-free weapons cleaning system that delivers a high temperature, high-pressure Dry Vapor to clean even the dirtiest of firearms. Dry Vapor Cleaning systems utilize distilled or de-ionized water to create a pressurized water vapor that consists of just four-percent moisture.

The high-pressure vapor removes dirt, grease, grime, oil, and toxic substances, from the item being cleaned. When finished, your gun will not only be clean but will also be sanitized and free from any lingering chemicals.

One of the top advantages the DVC system provides gun owners is the ability to clean a firearm, without disassembly, in under 90-seconds.  Since the DVC System produces dry vapor, the water will be clean, hot, and dry—ready for traditional lubrication.

DVC’s weapons cleaning systems are the most efficient alternatives to firearm maintenance available, making a vast difference in keeping your equipment clean, safe, and in excellent working condition.

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