Operating Instructions

All personnal using the machine shall:

  • Wear safety glasses or face shield.
  • Wear protective gloves when replacing the nozzle.
  • Check contaminants MSDS being removed from parts; avoid breathing contaminants
  1. Insert plastic pick-up tubing into a distilled water container. Connect the wand using the quick disconnect and connect the electrical connection that is part of the wand (for 170 and 171). Attach the nozzle tip or brush to the wand. (If supplied)
  2. Plug the power cord into an outlet and turn the power switch ON. Check that the HEATING CHAMBER LIGHT is on.
  3. Press MANUAL STEAM ACTUATOR to prime the system and check that the plastic pick-up tube in liquid container is drawing and entering the system cabinet. Wait for about 5 seconds for the liquid to enter the HEATING CHAMBER. After a few minutes, some hot water/steam or vapors will exit the nozzle upfront. That means that the machine is primed.
  4. Wait for about 8-10 minutes till the HEATING CHAMBER light goes OFF indicating that the steam/vapors are ready for use. The HEATING CHAMBER LIGHT will go ON and OFF as the thermostat is functioning. Except for the initial observation, for the balance of the working session, the Thermostat light shall be ignored by the operator.
  5. Hold items to be cleaned up close to the nozzle. Experience will drive the exact distance of the nozzle to the parts cleaned. Depress vapor switch for 1 to 2 seconds. The flow of vapor will start at once. By releasing the vapor switch the flow of vapor will continue until the liquid that was allocated to the system is used up, during this BURST that was activated by depressing the vapor switch.
  6. While the steam/vapor is being discharged, direct the vapors to parts being cleaned in a sweeping motion and hold the hot vapors away from the operator.
  7. Repeat step 6 as necessary. Should you observe that the system is discharging vapors at reduced pressure, wait about 2 minutes for the system to recharge.
  8. At the end of the work session, turn the power switch OFF. When the machine is being moved to a different location, be sure to turn the unit off, unplug it, and remove the plastic pick-up tube from the liquid container.

CAUTION: Do not touch the steam/vapor nozzle because it is HOT.

Daily PM for the Machine

Before the beginning of the shift, while the system is OFF, remove the nozzle from the wand. Follow steps 1-5. The vapors will exit through the nozzle opening; point the nozzle away from people. Turn the system OFF. Replace the vapor nozzle in the wand.

What is Dry Vapor Cleaning?

Dry Vapor Cleaning is the “New, Easy, Green Way to Clean”.

The DVC CLEANER® is a high-pressure, high-temperature, industrial cleaning system that uses a patented process that instantly converts distilled or de-ionized water or NeeRugo™ (corrosion inhibitor) solutions to high-pressure Dry Vapor Steam. VAPOR, the combination of humidity, heat, and pressure, provides the means to immediately remove contaminants from a given surface, cleaning it perfectly and providing an immediate drying. Steam is 212°F/100°C and 38% water vapor. DVC is 300°F/150°C and 4% water vapor. By activating the hand or foot activator, the operator activates our pump, which injects a premeasured amount of liquid into a patented super-hot HTAAC – High Tech Aluminum Aerospace Core, converting it into dry vapor steam instantly, discharging it powerfully through the nozzle. DVC CLEANER® models offer pressures of 195 PSI to 295 PSI and range from our basic desktop model to production line systems. Applications abound in industries which include: Weapons (shooting sports, law enforcement, and military), Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Hospitality, Medical Manufacturing, Equipment, and Parts Cleaning, Degreasing, Decontamination, and Anti-corrosion. 

Our Systems use NO solvents, chemicals, or toxins -  WE ARE COMPLETELY GREEN!