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Clean Any Weapon in 90 Seconds or less.

Experience the future of weapon maintenance with our Dry Vapor Cleaner system. Where speed meets precision and eco-friendly technology.

Meet the Future of Cleaning

Who DVC Is For:

Built for the Elite, Designed for Everyone

Military & Law Enforcement: Keep your firearms in ready-to-engage condition.

Hunters: Keep your firearm in pristine condition, even in the most rugged environments.

Gun Enthusiasts: Spend more time shooting and less time cleaning.

Gunsmiths & Armorers: Provide a superior service with cutting-edge technology.

Shooting Ranges & Sports Facilities: Minimize cleaning downtime and maximize operational efficiency.

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Revolutionize Your Weapons Maintenance

Rapid Cleaning Cycle: 90 seconds to a spotless weapon.

Versatility: Cleans any size firearm, from pistols to large bore rifles.

No Disassembly Required: Clean without removing scopes or accessories.

Eco-Friendly Technology: Save water and eliminate waste with Dry Vapor.

Proudly Made in USA: (Add all around the website)

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Cutting-Edge Cleaning with PurgoSpray™ Technology

Harnessing the power of dry vapor steam up to 300°F (150°C) and 300psi (21bar), it tackles the toughest grime and sanitizes surfaces instantly – all while being eco-friendly and cost-effective.

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